Thursday, December 10, 2009

it's the hubby's birthday...

Today my hubby turns 30 and at this very moment he has no clue what's in store for him, the next few days. I met the hubby six years ago on a blind date (against all my better judgment) and look at us now. I think back to that first phone call, we talked for hours and I knew in that one conversation, that he would be the one. Although he knows I love him, I don't think he can ever begin to imagine how much that love is based on the personality that I complain so much about. He is intelligent (infuriatingly so), hard working, spontaneous and brash (in a kind way), he gets on my nerves and makes me laugh at the same time and his honesty can be overwhelming at times, but often needed. I love him for all these qualities, I love him because he has been a good husband since day one, a wonderful daddy to our gorgeous son and above all, he is my best friend. So today I wish him a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

My hubby, my love.   


Ivette said...

awe how cute. You guys make a great couple! and now a cute fam!

happy birthday to noel...enjoy!

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