Thursday, August 11, 2011

Our New Porch Railing

In January I posted about how excited I was that we were getting an estimate on some much needed porch railing for our new home. Well, lets just say that the estimate they gave us was beyond ridiculous (over $1000) and made hubby seriously consider the whole DIY approach to home remodeling. A couple weeks ago hubby finally did it, he went out and bought the porch railing kit (under $350 from Lowes) and his dad came over and helped him install it.
I really love our new porch railing and the fact that hubby is becoming my very own Bob Vila! Since one home improvement project always leads to another, now I think it's time to repaint the porch, buy a new door and add some decor!
To see our porch before the railing click here.



Muriel said...

It looks beautiful with the railing! Yeah for saving money DIY projects!

Adriana said...

Thank you Muriel, can you believe how much we saved!

Caroline @ The Feminist Housewife said...

It looks beautiful! This is on my list of DIY projects as well. I'm encouraged to see that yours turned out so well!

Izzy said...

Adri, I really, really, really like your new porch!!!!! It looks great!!! do your windows have tint???

Adriana said...

Thank you Caroline, I didn't help much but it looked pretty easy and it was so much cheaper then the quote we were given!

Isela, thanks chica! Yes the windows are tinted (that's how we roll, LOL j/k) The house actually had tinted windows when we bought it!

Izzy said...

LOL!! you are too funny, I was asking abou the tint because my room needs tint the sun hits our bedroom all day long and I hate having the blinds closed all day long!!!!

William Gulliver said...

That new porch does look nice. Your hubby and his dad did a great job. Who knows? Maybe the two of them can soon make a few more fun DIY projects for you guys to enjoy.

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