Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Fighting Dragons in his Underwear

JD has been using the potty on and off for about 2 months now. We didn’t want to pressure him into potty training, we just wanted to encourage him gently and it seems to be paying off. Yesterday hubby went out and bought JD his first pair of underwear and he spent the whole day running around in them fighting dragons! He actually surprised hubby when he went to his potty all by himself and ran out of the bathroom with his big announcement. JD continued to use his potty all day with only one minor accident. Since it seems that JD is willing to be potty trained, we are hoping that this three day weekend (4 day for me) will give us enough time to get him used to it. Wish us luck!


Muriel said...

Too cute! Good luck with the potty training!

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