Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My hubby rocks!

Today was one of "those" days, I woke up with a cough that sounded like a mallard (the hubby words exactly) and I had a headache and body aches most of the day! Around 1pm I decided it was time for a nap, so I grabbed JD and we both had nap time together (we needed it). Well to my surprise (shock), when I woke up my kitchen was spotless, the floor was mopped and even the stove was clean. I was beginning to think that there was some type of mommy helping fairy that came by to make my life easier, but it turned out to be someone even greater, my sweet hubby!

Well after that things only got better. I'm not a very techy-techy person but I've been dying to get a Nintendo DS for some time now, especially after seeing the Personal Trainer: Cooking video game, this game is a Foodies dream come true. Well guess what, the hubby who is on a roll today, got me the Nintendo DS; but not just any DS, he got me the Nintendo DS Lite Special Edition Green, which comes with the game and a carrying case! My hubby rocks!


Jeannette said...

I've been threatening my girls, to take away their DS's, if they didnt keep their rooms clean! So i can secretly take it and use it for those food trainers! LOL...mean, right?

Adriana said...

haha, that's not mean at all (I'll cross my fingers for you)!

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