Friday, October 9, 2009

JD's Halloween Costume

JD's Halloween costume arrived today (well yesterday) and I'm so excited! I wanted to keep it a secret but after everything I went through to get it, I must blog. So as a first time mom (first time mom's will understand) I had to find the perfect costume for JD's first Halloween and I did, unfortunately Tom Arma (renowned baby photographer and costume designer) decided to sell this costume for $60.00 and Halloween Express (the only store that carries it) decided to ship it for $17.00, are they crazy! Well I decided I was getting this costume no matter what, but I refused to pay $77.00 for it, so I spent a month on eBay and Craigslist frantically trying to buy this must-have costume. Thanks to Craigslist and the wonderful photographer in San Diego, who bought the costume for a one time photo shoot; I officially have JD's Halloween costume and paid $40.00 for it! Here it is...

Tom Arma Signature Monkey
(Not my JD this is the picture on package)


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