Thursday, April 25, 2013

JD is Playing T-Ball

JD is turning 4 in a couple weeks and will no longer be considered a toddler!  This new milestone will bring new responsibilities, some of which he has already begun to work on.  He brushes his own teeth, wipes his own butt (woohoo), dresses and undresses himself, and picks his own outfits.  He also helps around the house; collecting trash cans on trash day, helping feed the dogs, separate the laundry, and keeping his room tidy.

Now that he’s becoming more independent, we thought it would be a good idea to get him involved in sports too.  So, a couple weeks ago we signed him up for T-Ball.  T-Ball leagues are great because there are no winners or losers (little kids get pretty emotional when they lose), but young children still learn the fundamentals of baseball; they learn teamwork, discipline, and it’s a great form of exercise!

JD is the smallest kid on the team, but he’s had no problems adjusting (we can thank 2 years of pre-school for that), and all the other players are super nice to him, even when he cuts them in line to bat!  I love watching him on the field keeping up with the big boys, and watching hubby getting involved and helping the coach and the kids makes me so proud!


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