Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Bathroom Update: Sink & Medicine Cabinet

So, I finally made an executive decision (a decision I do not discuss with hubby until I have my tools in hand, so he can't say “no!”) to fix up our one-and-only bathroom!  It's been almost three years since we bought our home and we’ve been storing a new vanity and medicine cabinet in our garage for almost as long.  This weekend after studying a few You Tube videos I began working on the bathroom.

Here is our bathroom before.  Our sink was very large and pushed up against our bathtub, and had a one lever faucet (not toddler friendly).  We had a large mirror but no medicine cabinet.  Oh, and our entire bathroom was covered in bamboo shades, moulding and all.
Friday night I started with the sink, and I have to admit I was a little scared to see what the tile would like underneath it.  I turned off the water valves and disconnected the plumbing. Then I removed the entire sink, and yup it was really yucky under there.  Then I started removing the bamboo shades and waited for hubby to get home to help me remove the mirror.
On Saturday morning after scrubbing the floor and tile, I was finally able to bring in our new vanity.  Unfortunately the little shelf inside our vanity and our plumbing wasn’t compatible (I didn’t even consider this when we bought it at almost 60% off the retail price).  But it turned out to be easily remedied with a saw and a super cute and helpful vacuuming toddler!
On Saturday afternoon hubby helped me install the new faucet and hang our pre-owned medicine cabinet, you can read more about this awesome find here.  Now we just need to paint, add our new lighting (it should be arriving any day now), touch up the medicine cabinet and add some personal touches.  I'll be posting more pictures very soon!


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