Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Getting Organized: Kitchen Drawers

I can't believe I haven’t blogged for over a week! It's not because I don't have anything to blog about, I do! I’ve just been so busy. I went back to school a few weeks ago after taking a couple years off, so I now find myself studying instead of blogging and pinning. With so many things to do, I've been trying to make our everyday life a little easier at home by getting organized, and the kitchen was the first room on my list. I have to admit I dislike our kitchen for so many reasons (we're going to start working on changing that soon), but I'll give it points for being functional. All of our lower cabinets are actually drawers (which I love), but this also means that things seem to just get thrown into them, as you can see below.
So a couple weeks ago I went to IKEA and bought a bunch of plate and utensil organizers and emptied every single drawer in the kitchen and started organizing!

Now all of our kitchen drawers look like this, I love it! Even JD gets excited about helping us put the dishes away because he can clearly see exactly were everything belongs.

If you're looking to get organized, I totally recommend stopping by IKEA. They have really great organization collections for every room in the home.



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