Tuesday, January 31, 2012

JD's New Puppy!

A couple of weeks ago our little family made a very big decision; we decided to adopt a puppy! JD has been asking for a dog for months now and we finally decided that it was time. We started our search about two weeks ago and this past weekend JD finally met his match. He picked a frisky, 4 month old terrier mix with scruffy hair and floppy ears. We got to bring her home yesterday and she spent most of the night resting (shelters spay their puppies before releasing them to a new home), but by this morning she was following us around and making herself at home. JD is super excited about his new puppy and has been so sweet to her. He insists on tucking her in and wants her to get better soon so they can play. Here are a few pictures of her this weekend from JD's meet-and-greet and on her way home yesterday (in a laundry basket). Once she's feeling better, I'll post some more pictures of JD's new puppy, Bailey!


Anonymous said...

What a cutie! Little scrappy terriers always tug at my heart strings. Hooray for adopting!

Adriana said...

Alexis, she's such a sweet little puppy too! I'm so glad we found her!

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