Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Pumpkin King

Halloween is only a month away and we've been having such a hard time deciding on a costume for JD! I actually asked him what he wanted to be a couple weeks ago and he left us all speechless when he replied "Pumpkin King"! If you're as big a fan of The Nightmare Before Christmas as we are, then you know exactly who he's talking about. I searched for a Jack Skellington costume everywhere, but couldn't find one in his size and making a costume from scratch makes me nervous (I do not sew). Well, yesterday on my weekly visit to Goodwill I came across a little JD sized pinstriped suit for $4.99, what luck! So I guess it's time to get creative and semi DIY a "Pumpkin King" costume for JD.


All That Glitters said...

How cool! His costume is going to be awesome!

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