Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Arlington Petra Toddler Bed

For a few weeks now I've been looking for a toddler bed for JD, hoping that getting rid of his crib would not only inspire me to start working on his big boy room, but would help him sleep in his own room on a regular basis! We wanted a modern bed that was low to the ground, sturdy, safe and would match with his robot themed decor. I came across the Arlington Petra Toddler Bed and got really excited but after seeing the price tag, a whopping $300 I was pretty bummed out.
Well, yesterday I started browsing on Craigslist for toddler beds and came across the listing "Designer Toddler Bed $150" I don't know what made me click on the link but can you believe it was actually the Petra toddler bed! I called the seller right away and asked if it was still available (it was) and if he would take $100 for it and he would, best of all the family lived about 5 minutes away from us. We brought the bed home cleaned it up and before we could even get it in the room, JD brought his whole bedding set out to the living room and laid in his new bed!
Last night I laid down with JD (the bed is very sturdy and supports over 300lb), watched cartoons and he actually fell asleep in his very own big boy bed for the very first time!


Angie said...

Just randomly came across your blog and I'm on the hunt for my littles new bed. Craigslist has one for $40!! I'm so excited, hopefully it works out for us. And hopefully, your little one still is excited about sleeping in his own bed!

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