Thursday, July 1, 2010

JD loves fountains, mommy not so much...

I was really hesitant to post these adorable pictures of JD because he really did give me quite a scare on this day. After playing for about fifteen minutes in this little fountain, he slipped and hit his head and I was a total wreck; I immediately called the hubby (who's an RN ) and told him I was headed to the ER, he calmed me down and asked what had happened and if JD was acting strange, after I frantically answered all his questions, he told me to just watch him and not let him fall asleep for an hour or so (the hubby is much more level headed than I am). I'm always very careful with JD and this day was no exception, I checked to make sure the water wasn't cold and that the floor wasn't slippery but I guess accidents are bound to happen. So, when I came across these pictures I had an overwhelming desire to delete them, but truth be told, JD had a great time and even after his little accident he was willing to go back to the fountain and play. JD is doing fine and probably will never remember the scare he gave me, so I guess it's okay for me to just put that incident behind us and focus on how much fun he had!


J. At Your Service said...

And THAT is your official welcome to Motherhood! Welcome. It comes with the territory, despite how cautious you might be. My girls had very little incidents and all I keep hearing is how boys are WAY more "daredevils" and to get use to the bumps, cuts, sprains and bruises. I don't know if my heart can take it though! LOL

Adriana said...

I guess I can't protect him forever, right! Boys have no fear, but we're the ones that suffer. I felt bad the whole day after that, can't we just bubble wrap them?LOL

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