Thursday, September 20, 2012

San Francisco 2012

We took our road trip to San Francisco a couple of weeks ago, and we had an amazing time! We are happy to announce that JD enjoys road tripping just as much as we do, oh and that mini vans are awesome (we rented a Toyota Sienna and I fell in love with it). We were worried that JD would have a hard time keeping up with sightseeing, but he really surprised us. I can only recall using his stroller once our entire trip. He kept up with us the entire time and made friends almost everywhere we went!

I finally had a chance to look through our pictures.  I think we took about 700 or more pictures (definitely more) and I picked about 70 or so and uploaded them to my Flickr account, you can see them here!  I also plan on sharing a few of my favorites on the blog and share the story behind them very soon.


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