Thursday, February 16, 2012

Teaching JD about Responsibilities

Before we got JD a dog, we had a long talk with him about what his dog would need on a daily basis. Other than the obvious love and attention that a dog requires, there are walks, meals, water, play, sleep and discipline to think about. JD loves Bailey; sometimes he doesn’t even want to go to school because he hates to leave her behind. He enjoys taking Bailey out for walks too, but this morning I actually made him come along for a morning walk. The first thing JD said as we walked out the door was “It's so cold mom” and I agreed with him. I explained that even though it was cold we needed to take Bailey out for a walk and he said, “So she can go pee-pee and feel better.” How cute is that! Kids around JD's age can be so egocentric and we are hoping that having Bailey around will teach him to think about others needs.


Veronika said...

That is so cute! I would love to get my boys a dog one day.

{I have an etsy shop question for ya... I was wanting to order some of those candy tubes. Do you have any left in stock by chance?}

Adriana said...

Thank you, he really loves her. Hopefully you do!

I do have the tubes available, send me a message through Etsy letting me know how many you need!

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