Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Robot Invitation

JD's Robots & Rockets birthday party was this past weekend and I thought I'd share his invites and the inspiration behind them! I have to admit although I love making invitation they can be so very time consuming, so I'm glad this party was super small and I only had to make about 20 of them. I had an idea of what I wanted them to look like and I knew I wanted to include some type of tin material (I was going for the whole retro tin toy robot look), but had no clue where to start until I came across LovePaperPaint Blog; it was like Katie knew exactly what I had in mind, the invitations she made for her son's retro robot party were so amazing and I give her all the credit for inspiring the design behind JD's invitation. Thanks Katie!



Kristin @ Yellow Bliss Road said...

Seriously one of the THE coolest invitation I've ever received! You've set the bar high girl!

Veronika said...

Those are pretty cool! Great job! Did you have to hand deliver them?! Or how did you send them out?

Adriana said...

Thank you Kristin and Veronika! I actually only mailed about 3 out and I hand delivered the rest! They make actual cardboard mailers that fit them perfectly but since I only mailed a few, I used bubble mailers.

Izzy said...

These were the cutest invitations ever!! I have it in my display section in my room.. for future ideas... =) We had a blast at JD's Party and thanks again for the lovely invite! Oh and of course WELCOME BACK!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

hi Adriana. can you please tell me where you purchased the casings for the invitation? do you have a list of vendors for most of the things that you use for the party? I love the robot lollipops as well as the stickers that you put on the treat bags for the kids.

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